Crazy Aaron’s Putty: Celebrate!


Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

It’ll Be Like Putty In Your Hands. It’s called Thinking Putty because while you do whatever you want with it, your brain relaxes and opens up to all kinds of creative thinking. Need it? Yes. And you can also knead it. Or bounce it, bend it, tear it, stretch it, snap it, pop it.

Non-toxic and never dries out.

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Celebrate 4″ Tin by Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

Turn any day into a special occasion with Celebrate Thinking Putty.
Full of multifaceted, rainbow sparkle confetti, it’s like a party in a tin!
An all in one gift, the back of the box opens to reveals a customization card!


Color: Multi
Features: Scented, Tearable, Stretchable, Bounceable, Soft Texture
Materials: Non-toxic silicone
Each tin includes 1/5 lb (3.2 oz) of Genuine Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty
Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities
Tons of fun for ages 3+
Never dries out!
Proudly made in the USA

Learning Outcomes

  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Social & Emotional

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 4 cm


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