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Featuring beautifully designed and unique gifts for Tween's - children aged 8 to 12, Tween Scene is an Australian online specialty store, with products sourced from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Tween's no longer see themselves as young children and aspire to be part of the Teen demographic. They want to be unique but also want to fit in. They have strong ideas about what they want to buy but need your involvement and approval to purchase desired items.

Our range will continue to grow and we look forward to adding a wider range of unusual toys, accessories, science and craft kits, organic skin care and more!

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Customer Testimonials

I wanted to thank you so much for the fast and efficient service and delivery that I received.  You made me feel looked after and my daughter’s 9th birthday will be made complete....
Luana, Gold Coast
I was just saying to my husband today that your online store meets an important market share (as my daughters and nieces range almost 5 to 10 in age). I am pleased to have found you!...
Suzanne, Windsor
Just wanted to say how much we love the Crazy Cheese puzzle. Bought the second one so the kids (and myself) could compete with each other. Hours of quiet fun. Thanks....
Erich, Wollongong